1. Designed by China's Shaolin Temple Grandmasters using only the most efficient techniques of all known Kung Fu styles.

2. Designed to develop an efficient martial artist in 5 to 7 years instead of 15 to 20 years.

3. Teaches you proper fighting principles such as Economy of Motion, Guarding Your Center Line, and Attacking your Opponent's Center Line.

4. Uses straight punches (can achieve up to 8 punches/second).

5. Teaches you to use 2 arms at the same time.

6. Teaches you to watch the leading elbow and knee to help you SEE what your opponent will do next.

7. Develops contact reflexes through an exercise called Chi Sao to help you FEEL (through arm to arm contact) what your opponent will do next.

8. Simple and easy to learn.

9. Uses pressure points to make striking techniques more effective.

10. Teaches the treatment of sports injuries.

11. Principle of using two arms extended to Butterfly Swords.

12. Teaches you Internal Kung Fu using efficient Chi training.